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Workplace Stress Managemnt for your Organization

Here are a few examples of possible group topics:
  • Setting boundaries to maintain work/life balance and reduce stress

  • Assertiveness training

  • Effective tools for healthy confrontation and communication

  • Recognizing and responding to “fears of the unknown”

  • How to deal with negative attitudes in the workplace

  • Becoming aware of and accepting what is within our control and what is not

We would love to help support your employees and organization!

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How We Offer Solutions

  • Are your employees stressed out after returning to the office after working virtually?

  • Is the general company morale down?

  • Has your office culture changed from what it used to be before the pandemic?

  • Do your employees and colleagues seem burned out, overwhelmed, or anxious?

  • Are you noticing a lack of productivity and maybe even motivation?

Let us help you! We understand the concerns and struggles your employees are experiencing because we see it in our everyday practice. We are a private practice located in Broadripple with 18 therapists who treat individual, couples, and families with all types of mental health concerns including depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, eating disorders, substance use disorders, work/life balance, relationship concerns, etc.

Our Stress Management & Support Group Therapy is led by 2 of our therapists who will come to your office provide this service for your employees. We recommend 4-6 weekly sessions, with each session lasting 60-75 minutes to maximize the therapeutic effect. We are also able to customize your group experience according to your organization’s unique needs.

Each week, we will discuss a topic that is related to the stress and concerns of your employees and then offer ideas for tools to help minimize the stress they are experiencing. Typically, this includes psychoeducation about stress, anxiety, and work/life balance, engaging in a mindfulness or grounding exercise, open discussion about current concerns, and visual handouts for each employee to help them remember to apply what they are learning in the group to their daily lives.

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