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Trauma & PTSD

Don’t let posttraumatic stress disorder rob you of one more day. Community Connect can provide you with the personalized treatment you need so that you can live the healthier life you deserve. Learn more about our comprehensive services by calling today for a consultation. 

Image by Susan Wilkinson

When an individual is struggling with the debilitating symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD, the effects can be far-reaching and wreak havoc on their mental and physical health. The hyperarousal, re-experiencing, and avoidance symptoms can make completing the most mundane tasks seemingly impossible to a sufferer of this condition. In many cases, those battling PTSD experience a great deal of distress and often turn to drugs and/or alcohol as a means of coping with their inner turmoil. Furthermore, should these symptoms of PTSD remain present in an individual’s life without alleviation, the anguish can worsen and trigger the onset of additional mental health concerns. At CC Behavioral Solutions, we understand the devastation caused by the presence of post-traumatic stress disorder in a person’s life and are pleased to offer exemplary treatment that is geared toward holistic healing. As a leading treatment provider, we put forth every effort to improve the lives of those who come to us for premier care.

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